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 Art Topic Rules

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PostSubject: Art Topic Rules   Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:13 pm

Art Topic Rules:

NO inappropriate images such as porn, racial stereotypes, etc.

NO pictures with writing that are mean/harmful to others.

NO swearing, etc.

NO links to bad sites.

Also to point out:

- Try not to double post, please, unless it is a bump of justice. (People like your thread, and you haven't updated in a while)

- Don't leave harsh criticism in a thread. Like: This picture stinks, you suck. Rather than that, leave some Constructive Criticism.

- Don't request pictures or sprites.

- Don't nag, like "that sprite is Waaay over the 64x64 limit!"

- Don't edit someone else's sprite/picture without permission.

- Don't post your pictures/sprites in someone else's thread.

- Your thread must have at least one scratch sprite to be started, fusions, recolors, etc. can go in after you have on scratch sprite, or can go in the Recolors/Fusions thread.
Well, have a good time, I guess.
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Art Topic Rules
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