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 [Emerald Hack]Pokemon Mixed Generations

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PostSubject: [Emerald Hack]Pokemon Mixed Generations   [Emerald Hack]Pokemon Mixed Generations Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2014 6:50 am

A young child starts his journey in Toro region. He challenges every gym leaders. After sometime, he discovers another boy Victor who challenges him at various aspects of game. Just then, he found a Lugia that chooses him and Victor to save him from a evil organization. They both join and the real adventure awaits!

1) Pokemon from every generation
2) Play as Cass or Cassandra
3) New starter types- Psychic, Fighting and Dark
4) New Gyms
5) New Toro region

But I'm confused about the scripts and events.confused

Any help?
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[Emerald Hack]Pokemon Mixed Generations
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