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 Pokemon! I choose you!

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PostSubject: Pokemon! I choose you!   Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:26 am

The show begins just like the game boy, with a black and white Nidorino jumping back and forth behind a Gengar. Suddenly, the whole thing becomes colorized and three dimensional as we see a great pokémon battle progressing. It is a league match being broadcasted on the television belonging to Ash Ketchum: a ten-year old boy in Pallet town who is about to begin his pokémon training. At his age, he can get a license and become a pokémon trainer! Ash vows to become the greatest pokémon master of all time!! He starts his training after receiving a beginner pokémon which will happen tomorrow!!! IF he gets some sleep, informs his mother. But Ash is too excited to sleep, so his mom has him watch a more informative pokémon show with Professor Oak teaching Pallet about the three possible pokémon young trainers can receive tomorrow. They are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. After the program is done, Ash dreams about which pokémon he will choose. As he dreams of throwing a pokéball to release his pokémon, he actually throws his own Voltorb alarm clock destroying it. The next morning, Ash realizes he slept in and runs in his pajamas over to Professor Oak's house to get a pokémon. Ash arrives to find a crowd of people including a cheer leading squad that cheers for Gary.

Gary promises to make Pallet famous as he becomes the greatest pokémon master. He then insults Ash about his tardiness and how he chose the best pokémon. But when Ash asks to see the pokémon, Gary refuses and leaves, taking the crowd with him. Professor Oak wonders how well prepared Ash is for pokémon training in his pajamas, but Ash convinces Oak that he is ready. Unfortunately, all three beginner pokémon have been taken by Gary and two others who were on time. Ash pleads for a pokémon, and Oak does have one left, but "there is a problem with it." Ash doesn't care and, with the last remaining pokéball, he receives Pikachu. Ash thinks it's cute and picks it up, which Pikachu greatly dislikes with shocking results. Oak gives Ash his pokédex and six pokéballs for use. Outside a much less impressive crowd than before has gathered with Ash's mom to wish him good luck. They wonder, though, why Pikachu isn't in his pokéball and after a "game of catch," the crowd gets shocked by Pikachu.

So Ash departs with his "new friend" and some items his mom packed for him. As he drags Pikachu along with a leash and rubber gloves his mom packed, he wishes they could be friends, but Pikachu acts very aloof and openly shows his distrust of Ash. Ash wants Pikachu to stay in the pokéball, like the pokédex says, but Pikachu shows that not all pokémon like to stay in a pokéball. So Ash takes the leash off of him in hopes of gaining his trust... all he gains is Pikachu running up a tree. Just then, a Pidgey interrupts them and Ash tries to catch it by throwing a pokéball at it. However, it breaks out, and the pokédex informs Ash that most trainers use their own pokémon to weaken wild ones for capture. With Pikachu being uncooperative, Ash has to tries to fight the Pidgey, but is easily beaten by a gust attack. Both the pokédex and Pikachu believe that Ash will never become a pokémon master. In his frustration, Ash throws a rock at some Pidgeys. Unfortunately, he hits a Spearow who starts attacking them. Pikachu shocks it, which causes it to alert a whole flock of Spearows who begin pecking at Pikachu. Ash grabs the badly hurt Pikachu and is forced to dive down a waterfall to escape the flock. He is fished out, however, by a young girl named Misty. She tells him to get Pikachu to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City. Storm clouds gather as the flock finds them and Ash takes Misty's bike in order to get away, promising to return it "some day."

Unfortunately, he crashes it as the rain pours down, and both him and Pikachu are vulnerable. Ash asks Pikachu to get inside the pokéball so that it will be safe while he offers his own body for the Spearows in order to protect Pikachu. Pikachu sees the care Ash has and gains enough strength to perform a devastating thunder attack which drives the Spearows away and destroys everything in the nearby vicinity (including the bike). As the rains part and the sun comes out, a weakened Pikachu and surprised Ash realize they won. Just then, a mysterious golden bird flies over the rainbow to which the pokédex informs Ash that there are many unidentified pokémon in the world. As Ash carries Pikachu into Viridian City, Pikachu licks Ash's cheek to signify the new bond they share as great friends.

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Pokemon! I choose you!
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